Cultural diversity: Lendians, Polish Uplanders, Black and White Gorals, Lemkovina

A great deal of nostalgia is associated with the word "Lemkovina" (homeland of the Lemko people). Eastern Orthodox churches with their characteristic onion domes on shingle roofs, rows of icons which conceal mysterious countenances of saints, elaborate cross-stitch embroidery and decorative necklaces from tiny beads (called "krywulka") – these are the characteristics of Lemkovina, which both fascinate and intrigue us. Lemkovian cottages (called "chyże"), which remained in some villages, remember dramatic stories of their owners, dislodged long ago, and their overgrown wild orchards talk of the old times. But the Lemkos spoken language is coming back, as well as their Cyrillic writings. You can hear old songs, longing and melodic, and sometimes happy, like a crackling fire of the Lemkovian vatra. The tough and friendly Hucul, which has always been associated with this culture, adds to the many family attractions that await you in the region. Same goes for the Lemkovian cuisine, which mainly offers "homyłka" cheese, sourdough soup called "kysełyca", "tertianyky" hash browns or “adzymka” flat bread. 
These extraordinary and tough people, both indigenous and visiting, are part of the almost unspoilt landscape of the Low Beskids, creating various events and the region's artistic climate.


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