Towns with a flavour: Stary Sącz, Biecz, Galician Town in Nowy Sącz

Who does not love small, atmospheric towns, where time stands still? What stories could be told by the sett-paved market square in Stary Sącz and Marysieńka café, where triumphant John III Sobieski met his beloved wife after the Battle of Vienna? The near-by Poor Clares monastery remembers Kinga of Poland, a Catholic saint and the first known tourist... The walled-off Biecz with a town hall in the middle of its market square is often referred to as "headsmen's school". Bobowa is known in the world as a place of worship for Hasidic Jews with its old synagogue and grave of tzadik Chaim Halberstam, and a seat of the Knights' Brotherhood – the heirs of knight Zygmunt Gryfita.
The ambience of small towns encourages their visitors to loiter, stop and rest or immerse themselves in thoughts. It's a real antidote for the racing time. Such are Galician towns, like Grybów, Czchów or Piwniczna. Their narrow streets and rows of small houses, signboards over workshops and wooden gates leading into homesteads, withstood the test of time. Galician Town in Nowy Sącz was build to recreate this ambience. It constitutes a part of Sądecki Ethnographic Park, which collects treasures of the subregion's folklore. The workshops of early craftsmen, the inn and town hall come to life thanks to the town’s heavily frequented events, concerts and new ideas.


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