Culinary richness: orchards, apples, plums, local cuisine and gourmets’ trails

Nowy Sącz County is a land of fruit orchards. Apples, plums and pears mature in the sun of mild hillsides of the Beskids. You can spot some robust runner beans on the sides of Dunajec Gorge. The local cuisine abounds in preserves and juices, soups and starters, it is unbelievable to what extent you can use the gifts of nature. The rarities of this mountainous region: delicate lamb and sheep's milk cheese, add specific flavour to the local cuisine. Despite its small territory, the region developed various culinary traditions: poprad tradition from the Poprad river valley, Lemkovian tradition in the east, Lendian tradition and Uplands tradition around Nowy Sącz. The Małopolska "Gourmet Trail" leads through some must-visit regional inns.
The famous distillate "łącka slivovitz" and plum cuisine were allegedly created under the influence of the local priests. During confession, a parish priest from Łącko would make his congregation plant fruit trees, and this is how the numerous orchards were created. Another parish priest, this time from Laskowa, ordered his congregation to dry plums in order to avoid overproduction of slivovitz.


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