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Apiculture – "Sądecki Bartnik" apiary in Stróże, "Pasieka Barć" apiary in Kamienna, bee yards

Some of us will never know how incredibly organised the bee culture can be if we do not visit one of the numerous apiculture centres, which provide information on this extraordinary species. In "Barć" apiary in Kamienna near Krynica-Zdrój and in "Sądecki Bartnik" apiary in Stróże, situated between Nowy Sącz and Gorlice, some very interesting lectures are delivered about the life of bees, followed by honey-tasting and hive produce workshops, e.g. candles made of beeswax.

Bees have always inspired people to be creative, and so, in the open-air museums of Kamienna and Stróże we can admire old, figural hives in the shapes of different characters – real works of art. The old-fashioned apiculture tools are bound to interest visitors, and the taste and quality of hive produce can be discovered in producers shops. You can find traces of honey in all dishes served in "Bartna Chata", which is part of a holiday resort in Stróże. Apart from these two apiculture centres, you can find lodging and relaxation, much recommended for recharging your batteries, in many other bee farms with apiaries in the "Małopolska Honeyland".