Rural tourism – "Herbal Małopolska Countryside", "Małopolska Countryside for Seniors" and "Małopolska Countryside for Children"

The best antidote for the hasty, unhealthy and stressful urban life is a little repose in the countryside, among nature. "Rural" does not have to be synonymous with "uncomfortable" and "boring". Today's rural tourism farms surprise visitors with their high standards, much to their satisfaction. There are also thousands of ways to avoid boredom, as the local agritourism offers thematic events.
In order to help guests find their own place in the rich list of the subregion's agritourism farms, we have compiled a list of special tourism products: "Herbal Małopolska Countryside", "Małopolska Honeyland", "Małopolska Countryside for Children" and "Małopolska Countryside for Seniors". The specially selected farms provide events tailored for each of the interested groups. Those who are eager to learn new things will have a great time in the "education farmhouse" or one of the creative "themed villages", which are more and more common in the area. Dear townies, use your imagination.


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