Arts and crafts – bobbin lace from Bobowa – the centre of lacemaking (sculpture, embroidery, wicker-making, blotting paper art)

Multiculturalism is a great asset of the subregion, a diversification for tourists, inspiration for artists, education for folklore enthusiasts. The Lendians, Sącz Gorals and Black Gorals from the Poprad river banks, the Lemkos and Polish Uplanders – each of these colourful groups has its own attire, music and cuisine. You can find inspiration in Lendians' hats, profusely adorned with ribbons or the mushroom-shaped and tall wool caps of the Polish Uplanders.The women wear floral skirts which interlace with printed thin skirts. The traditional embroidered hearts and heart-shaped patterns, posies, ribbons, caps and beads – characteristic of folk costumes, serve as an inspiration to the modern fashion and ornamentation style, called ethno-design.
Wicker, wood, canvas, metal and clay are powerful materials, and ornamental baskets, dishes, embroidery and paintings contain authentic beauty. Traditional crafts have their ambassadors among numerous folk artists. Among them, bobbin lace is of special interest, with its centre in Bobowa, known for the International Bobbin Lace Festival.


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