Mineral waters – spa towns

Another wealth of the subregion are mineral waters. 10 out of 45 spa towns in Poland are located in Małopolska, 6 of which belong to Gorlice and Nowy Sącz subregions. Each of the health resorts has its characteristics: Krynica-Zdrój is a pearl among spa towns, with its large promenade and acoustic shell, Muszyna is the seat of an old latifundium, Żegiestów and Piwniczna are situated in a picturesque Poprad Valley, Wysoka-Zdrój and quiet Wapienna are muffled up in mild hills of the Low Beskids. The visitors take the waters, take mineral, brine and mud baths, enjoy inhalation and benefit from the therapeutic properties of the local micro-climate. 
Most of the spa towns also offer leisure activities. In winter you can ski and cross-country ski, and in the summer you might want to head out for a stroll in the mountains, bike, horse-ride or canoe down the Poprad. Recreational grounds, health paths, open gym and swimming pool facilities in Muszyna, Piwniczna and Wysoka, create an image of modern spa towns for visitors who are full of energy.


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