Chodorowa Vineyard

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Krużlowa Wyżna, Chodorowa 60
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The Chodorowa Vineyard has been established recently near Nowy Sącz, in the vicinity of Krużlowa and Ptaszkowa. It is located at an altitude of 300-370 m above sea level on a southern slope with a gradient of about 17%. Thanks to this, vines have access to the sunlight for the maximum amount of time. The current area of the vineyard is about 1.4 ha and includes 6,000 vines. “Ultimately, the vineyard will occupy the area of 3.5 ha, where we want to grow 15,000 shrubs”, says Zbigniew Krzyżak, the owner of the vineyard. He runs the vine enterprise together with his wife Eleonora and their friend Grażyna Dudek. They are absolute enthusiasts who devote every moment to the vineyard.

Thanks to the appropriate insulation, lack of frost pockets and good solar exposure, the vines have good conditions to ripe, therefore high-quality wines are produced. One of them, called Rondo, was awarded the gold medal as part of the Galicja Vitis International Galician Wine Contest, which was held in June at the castle in Łańcut. Recently, the owners of the Chodorowa vineyard have joined the Małopolska Vine Trail, which brings together more than 20 vineyards in Małopolska. The vineyard produces wines using the following grape varieties: Regent, Jutrzenka, Solaris, Hibernal, Johanniter, Bianca, Muscat, Seyval Blanc and all bunches are picked manually. Grape picking lasts from the first days of September until late October, when the grapes are fully ripe and exceptionally sweet. Apart from the vines, an attraction of the vineyard is an old orchard with several tens of fruit trees. For the time being, guests are offered a small house and a barbecue area. Oh, and great views of the mild ranges of the Sądecki Beskids.

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