Maurer Juice Extraction Plant in Zarzecze

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Zarzecze, Zarzecze 1
18 4446427, 605828775
The idea of establishing own organic fruit extraction plant was born when the founder of the Maurer Juice Extraction Plant, Krzysztof Maurer, attended high school. Later, during his university years, he developed knowledge on fruit production. Trips to Germany and Switzerland, as well as the observation of local family juice extraction plants resulted in making the idea come true. In 2002, the tradition of fruit pressing on a hand press, applied for generations by the Maurer Family, was restored in Zarzecze – southern Poland. Over time, the process of cold pressing and pasteurisation has been improved; however, the range of flavours – expanded. In 2003, the Maurer Juice Extraction Plant was founded and its “Maurer Juice” has become a Małopolska rarity and a showcase of the region. Currently, the plant produces musts in several flavours, which are then pasteurised using traditional methods. Thanks to our unchanging recipe, all juices have excellent health benefits, and are full of vitamins and microelements. They owe their original flavour and taste to widely-acknowledged fruit ripened on the mountain slopes of Łącko (Łącko apples, cultivated from the 12th century, were entered in the List of Traditional Products in 2005).

“Maurer Juice” belongs to products known as organic food. It was certified “organic” by Cobico (certification No. PL-03-000632).
Our products are perfectly characterised by four features:
health – our juices are pressed, and thus all valuable ingredients contained in fruit go directly into cartons;
nature – we add no sugar, water or preservatives to our juices; we use pasteurisation to preserve them;
tradition – our juices are cold-pressed using a traditional press;
taste – most of our fruit comes from areas surrounding Łącko, from both IPO farms and organic farms.

Good quality and excellent taste of our juices are confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions, including:
• “Perła 2004” award at the “Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo” contest;
• “Specjał Regionalny” award at the 20th “Targi Zdrowego Życia i Żywności” fairs, Ecolife 2004;
• 1st place at the “Małopolski Smak 2005” contest;
• 3rd place at the 6th “Sposób na Sukces 2006” national contest;
• 1st place in the semi-finals of the “Małopolski Smak” poll, Nowy Sącz 2008.

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