Mineral water pump room in Wysowa-Zdrój

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Wysowa-Zdrój is a village in the Ropa river valley. Founded in the mid-fourteenth century, it is a spa resort and an excellent tourist base for hiking, biking and horse-riding in the Beskid Niski range (in particular its western part).
As you enter the village, you can see the wooden Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary dating from the early twentieth century, built with spa patients in mind. There is also the Lemko Orthodox Church of St Michael from 1779. The slopes of Jawor hill are a pilgrimage site known as The Holy Mount of Jawor. Orthodox and Greek Catholic believers visit the site twice a year.
The spa part of Wysowa-Zdrój is situated at the foot of the Jaworzynka and Kozie Żebra ranges. Here, along a narrow stream, there is a park from the late nineteenth century with a reconstructed pump house (built in the early twentieth century) which serves for drinking mineral water rich in bicarbonate, chloride and sodium from the Aleksandra and Franciszek springs.
Various places offer a range of recreational activities here, such as the rope park and water park, as well as the Jaśminowy Raj stable and Osława horse stud. Accommodation is offered by agrotourist farms (Julia, Słoneczko), guesthouses (Anna-Maria, Zacisze) or rooms to let (U Sylwestra, Ramis, Paula). The Gościnna Chata inn serves wholesome regional dishes.

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