Artistic Pump Room in Piwniczna-Zdrój

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Piwniczna-Zdrój, ul. Zdrojowa 42
18 4464453

Piwniczna-Zdrój lies on the River Poprad, surrounded by hills, on the former trade route leading to Hungary.
The Regional Museum in Piwniczna presents the history of the town and the so-called “Black Highlanders” living there (e.g. miniature fulling mill and sawmill made by a local artist – the sculptor Edward Grucela); old skiing equipment is also on display. Piwniczna has very good snow conditions, so there are various ski stations such as Sucha Dolina (with the Sucha Dolina Ski Hotel nearby).
An interesting landmark may be seen on the town’s market square – the so-called Well, with a statue of St Florian and a water cistern. The container was of major importance for ensuring fire safety, though was, ironically, itself destroyed by a fire in 1876. The white silhouette of the nineteenth-century Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary with valuable stained glass and mosaic over the altarpiece towers over the town.
The spa district known as Zawodzie has a promenade along the River Poprad, which leads to the square with the Piwniczanka pump room offering mineral water rich in magnesium and calcium. A larger, framed Piwniczanka spring is situated in a one-storey manor-like building – the Artistic Pump Room. It has a café and is a venue for various, performances, exhibitions and concerts.
Apart from opportunities for winter sports and hiking, one can also choose a rafting trip down the Poprad river to Rytro.
In Zawodzie, the spa district of Piwniczna-Zdrój, over the promenade, there is a charming single-storeyed building, resembling a small manor – this is the pump room of “Piwniczanka” mineral water. Before the entrance, there is a small square with a fountain and natural acidic water with a high content of magnesium and calcium may be drunk on the terrace in front of the pump room or inside, although, naturally, we can also order a cup of coffee or cakes, ice cream and other delicacies. Here, in the middle of the large room there is an enclosed spring. It is not coincidence that the pump room is called Artistic – there is a place here for performances and various events, such as exhibitions, recitals, concerts.

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