Collegiate Church in Biecz

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Biecz, ul. Bpa M. Kromera 16A

A slender silhouette of the collegiate church in Biecz, i.e. the Corpus Christi parish church, with its Gothic peaks, steep roof and high belfry, is a symbol of Biecz and a dominant element in the panorama of the town. The complex of the collegiate church buildings is located in the western part of the old town. Once, it was protected by huge walls with numerous defensive towers and a barbican. The late-Gothic, hall temple with a nave and two aisles comes from the 2nd half of the 15th century. The interior of the temple is a treasury of works of sacred art, from Gothic through Renaissance to Baroque. The nearby square belfry from the 15th century was also a tower defended by the guild of butchers, thus, it is called the Rzeźnicza Tower.

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