Observation tower on Radziejowa

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The highest peak of the Sądecki Beskids, Radziejowa (1,262 m above sea level), is completely overgrown with the spruce forest. Nevertheless, we can see the all-round panorama from there – thanks to a wooden observation tower higher than the spruces. After climbing up the ladders leading to the top, we can enjoy the views of the Tatra Mountains, Pieniny, Gorce, and even remote Mount Babia in the west. In the north, we can see the Island Beskids and foothills as well as the extensive Sądecka Valley with the buildings of Nowy Sącz. In the east, over the Poprad Valley, there is the Jaworzyna Krynicka Range, behind which the fragments of the Low Beskids may be seen.

View from Radziejowa

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